Transform your travel wardrobe with the most stylish hug for your head. The Butterfly Hat is making its way to the fashion focused traveler, who seeks chic and compact, comfort while traveling.

The Butterfly Hat by Betty and Bradley, will make you look runway ready and feel the comfort of home, no matter where you’re flying.

The one of a kind travel accessory, is proudly manufactured in New York City.


The sleek cocoon shaped pouch, unzips into a one size fits all, luxurious beanie and the pouch turns into a stylish, moldable eye mask;  creating the perfect ambient for quality rest. The magic of the Butterfly Hat’s versatility, is in the ability to coordinate it with your outfit, whether traveling for business or pleasure.  


The creator, Lauren Lombardo, was on one of her trips back from Italy during the holidays to visit her grandmother Betty in New York, when the idea for the Butterfly Hat was born. Jet lag, light, air conditioning and background noise, were elements Lauren sought to eliminate in effort to be more comfortable while flying or during post-travel recoup. Unable to find a comfortable sleep hat while keeping style and compactness in mind, Lauren drew inspiration from her origins and combined the elegance of Italy and New York City. 

Lauren loved to take a piece of home back to Italy where she taught painting workshops, to remind her of her grandmother. One of those items, was her grandmother Betty’s butterfly sun catcher that overlooked her buzzing, plush garden where Lauren spent most of her time as a child.